One obstacle facing biomedical research education at the K-12 level is the lack of funding for the biotechnology and facilities necessary. Therefore, BiomediGirls aims to help fund biomedical education for students who are truly passionate about pursuing biomedical research. Through our fundraising efforts, we hope to provide an annual $1000 scholarship available to females in grades 8-12 that will fund a biomedical research education in regenerative medicine.



The BiomediGirls annual scholarship is for females in the South Bay of Los Angeles grades 8-12 who are passionate about learning hands-on biomedical research. We highly encourage underrepresented groups to apply.



Through our fundraising efforts, we hope to raise $1000 for this scholarship. Please help us reach this goal by donating or buying a copy of BiomediGirls-sponsored book "What is so Special About an Unspecialized Cell". 




The BiomediGirls scholarship will cover the cost of participation in a hands-on biomedical research course in regenerative medicine at Pathways to Stem Cell Science laboratory in Torrance, CA.


BiomediGirls is excited to announce that we have selected our 6 winners for the 2021 scholarship! Stay tuned to hear more from our winners! Applications are now closed; applications for 2022 will open in December.