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Abigail Maemoto

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Melissa Qin

Co-Chief Operating Officer 

“Especially now, we need people with scientific backgrounds that are used to looking at the facts and forming an opinion based on the facts.”-Shaughnessy Naughton, Founder of STEM the Divide. From a young age, I developed a deep interest in emerging innovation in molecular biology; however, there were no local venues to cultivate my interest.  Fortunately, as a young freshman, I found an opportunity to immerse myself in laboratory research through working in a stem cell lab in a program hosted by Pathways to Stem Cell Science. While the program was located in Monrovia which was two hours away from my home, every hour of the long drive was worth it as this program was my first exposure to the real-world techniques of bioengineering. This experience afforded me the opportunity to conduct cancer research at the cellular level at the Lundquist Institute in Carson, CA. In those three years of research, I could see that the work I was doing could potentially have a huge impact on improving the survival rates of cancer patients. It is through my research experience that I began to see the disparity between men and women in research. I strongly believe that we as students have the potential to work towards a future in biomedical science where men and women are treated and compensated equally. And that's why BiomediGirls is so important to me. From my past experiences in research, advocacy, and fundraising, I know that change can happen starting at the youth level. With BiomediGirls, I hope to foster a community of females that works toward the equity that is deserved in the biomedical field.”

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