Disparity in Salary

In 2018, women in biomedical research earned $65,700 per year in comparison to men's annual salary of $77,000.

Difference in Grant Allocaation Standards

Employers gave newly hired men researchers a median of $889,000 to purchase equipment and set up their labs, compared to $350,000 for women scientists starting out at an institution.

Lack of Education

In 2016, only 15% of all BME jobs were held by women. Only 40% of women were granted degrees in BME at the 5 largest BME schools in America.

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Our mission is to tackle these unjust standards against women in the biomedical field by providing a platform that will empower aspiring, female biomedical scientists to work towards total equality between the sexes. Through  advocacy, education,and social networking, we aim to create a united enterprise behind female engagement in biomedical sciences.

Our vision is to educate young females about the current feats and issues facing female leaders in biomedical science to promote global female engagement in BME and beyond. We also look to provide scholarships for girls in middle and high school to participate in lab research courses where students will interact with collegiate-level techniques and technology in BME.