We are always looking for people to join our movement! Available positions and opportunities will be updated monthly. If you have any ideas not listed that you strongly feel will further our cause, feel free to email us at ! Details for joining our newsletter, podcast, advocacy, fundraising, and/or volunteer teams are below:

Newsletter Team

  • Writers- submit an article based on the month's theme (check the newletter page)

  • Graphic Designers- help our editors with newsletter aesthetics and/or submit images to be included in the issue

  • Cover Page Photographers/Artists- submit  an image for the cover of our issue

  • Distributers/Promoters- help promote our newsletter within your local communities

Podcast Team

  • Submit a Podcast Idea- submit a podcast idea based on the month's theme (check podcast page)

  • Interviewer- conduct an interview to be used for our podcast

  • Promote- spread the word about our podcast to your local communities

  • Original Intro Music- submit original music to be used as our podcast intro

Advocacy Team

Fundraising Team

Other Opportunities

  • Volunteer at a Book Reading- every month, we will try and host book readings at hospitals and local libraries; stay tuned for updates

  • Host a Seminar via Zoom- if there is a topic relevant to our mission you would like to share with our community, please email us with your idea

  • Be an Advocate- write letters to your local legislators; visit our advocacy page to learn how

  • Host a Seminar - host a Zoom webinar to teach young females how to be a youth advocate 

  • Start a Social Media Campaign- submit an idea for starting an advocacy social media campaign via email

  • Promote Our Book- help promote our book; all proceeds go toward our scholarship

  • Start Your Own Fundraising Campaign- submit an idea for a fundraising campaign that BiomediGirls can sponsor

  • Be a Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Fundraiser- email us to learn how to apply