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BiomediGirls is an organization started by high school senior, Abigail Maemoto, alongside her peers Amy Huang and Melissa Qin from Palos Verdes, CA. Maemoto developed an early, profound passion for biomedical research but noticed that there was no outlet in her school and local community to foster her interest. Although the field of STEM is heavily emphasized in the modern K-12 education system, Maemoto quickly learned that STEM education was limited as it failed to address the revolutionary innovations of biomedical engineering (BME). 


Abigail Maemoto

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Abigail Maemoto

BiomediGirls is a student-run organization that works to provide a multitude of opportunities for females interested in the biomedical sciences to learn about current developments in BME and

spread awareness about the importance of biomedical sciences, especially in the wake of COVID-19. Our work includes a student-led podcast and newsletter that highlights unique female perspectives on pressing issues in biomedical science; a student advocacy platform that allows students to voice the need for further funding of research initiatives and education; and a scholarship for high school females to have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in hands-on biomedical research with stem cells.

While students were being taught to solder and build circuit

boards in new mechanical and electrical engineering

classes, the concepts behind regenerative medicine and

gene editing remained abstract to the vast majority of

students at Maemoto's school. Upon further investigation,

Maemoto discovered that in addition to the lack of early

education about biomedical sciences, there was a severe

disparity in bioengineers' salaries and grant allocations based

on gender. Therefore, Maemoto founded BiomediGirls to

address both of these discrepancies.